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Drive Clean Chicago is a $14 million incentive program funded through the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) with resources from the federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program and comprises of three innovative funds to accelerate the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles in the City of Chicago. Each fund is entirely unique and includes a specific funding amount, eligibility requirements and application process. To ensure successful participation, Drive Clean Chicago is designed to provide applicants with a clear and efficient pathway to making a Drive-Clean technology investment.

Drive Clean Truck

Chicago depends on the durability of its diesel truck fleet to move goods around the City every day. Although diesel trucks perform crucial services to help sustain our economy, they contribute to high levels of diesel emissions that negatively impact regional air quality and the public health of local communities.

The Drive Clean Truck – Voucher Program offers great incentives to help shift our diesel fleet to zero and low emission vehicles. Fleet owners that operate Class 2 to Class 8 trucks and buses can apply for funding to purchase All-Electric (including All-Electric drivetrain retrofits) and Hybrid trucks and buses. Because All-Electric and Hybrid trucks and buses are more efficient and better for the environment, vehicle owners can benefit from the fuel savings and reduced maintenance. Advancing E-Trucks through Drive Clean Truck moves Chicago towards energy independence and a healthier environment.

Program Details
  • $11,295,000 available for Class 2 to 8 All-Electric and Hybrid Trucks and Buses and Drivetrain Retrofits.
  • Voucher covers $30,000 and up (80% of incremental cost)
  • Applies to commercially available All-Electric and Hybrid Trucks and Buses including Drivetrain Retrofits that meet federal and state regulations.
  • Vendor/Dealer submits voucher request on behalf of Vehicle Purchaser.
  • Leased vehicles are eligible.
  • Eligible vehicles must operate 75% of the time in the Chicago 6-county* area.
  • Vehicle Purchaser must comply with 3-year program commitment.

Drive Clean Taxi

Drive Clean Taxi will accept voucher requests until June 30, 2016

There are more than 6,300 taxis that populate Chicago's busy and congested roadways on a daily basis. Driving passengers to and from the airport and other important destinations, taxis contribute to a high level of vehicle miles traveled, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Drive Clean Taxi - Voucher Program is an excellent opportunity to transition our busy taxis to a cleaner, more efficient transportation fuel. Clean fuel vehicles make a compelling business case for a metro market business like taxis that have a return-to-base operation. With an estimated savings of $1.25 to $2 per equivalent gallon of gasoline, a taxi fleet running on CNG for instance will see positive economic and environmental benefits. Promoting clean fuel through Drive Clean Taxi is smart and sustainable solution to expanding our clean transportation network.

Program Details
  • $1,275,000 available for Clean Fuel Taxis
  • Voucher incentive provides up to $10,000 toward a vehicle conversion or the incremental cost of a new alternative fuel vehicle.
  • Applies to commercially available light duty passenger battery electric (EV) or CNG vehicles or CNG conversions.
  • Vehicle must be EPA or CARB certified.
  • Vendor/Dealer submits the voucher request on behalf of the vehicle purchaser.
  • Taxis and liveries must be licensed and in good standing with BACP to be eligible for Drive Clean Taxi voucher incentives.
  • Vehicle Purchaser must comply with 3-year program commitment.

Drive Clean Station

To advance the integration of alternative fuel vehicles in Chicago, the need for public fueling infrastructure is crucial to ensure successful expansion. Currently, there are only eight (8) public CNG fueling stations in the Chicago area. This is not sufficient to meet the region's growing demands for an alternative fuel vehicle market.

The Drive Clean Station - Rebate Program seeks to develop additional CNG fueling and DC Fast Charging stations for CNG and All-Electric vehicles throughout Chicago's 6-county area where infrastructure is poorly lacking. Drive Clean Station provides important incentives to help a fleet owner or station manager cover 30 percent of the capital costs for station development. This funding initiative supports the other funds offered through Drive Clean Chicago and compliments the State of Illinois Rebate Program for Level 2 Charging stations.

Program Details
  • $1,425,000 available for “public” CNG fueling or DC Fast Charging stations.
  • Rebate covers 30% of the capital cost for station development.
  • End-User submits competitive cost proposal to Program Administrator.
  • Stations must be proposed in the Chicago 6-county* area.
  • Projects with the highest fuel displacement and location with lack of alternative fuel infrastructure will be given preference.